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“. . . so I suddenly found I was playing in a different way - a spaciousness appeared that had a great beauty of feeling and fluidity, a cosmic dance, delightfully simple yet

deeply profound. Words cannot adequately describe this intense feeling,

a majestic dance, at times tranquil and then powerfully passionate.”

- David Sun (Reflections on ‘Joyful Spirit’)

Credits - Acknowledgements - Special Thanks:

Eleni Violaris: Website, logo & album cover design.

Special thanks to Monster Trax Studios for support in creating numerous albums.

Special thanks to Misha Nikolic, for his contribution of engineering skills, coupled with his music production expertise.

Scott Reynolds: Album cover design

'Music for a Quiet Mind' - Watercolour painting: David Sun

'Joyful Spirit' - Photograph: Nanette Greenblatt

'In a Monastery Garden' - Photograph ('Scilly Isles, UK'): John Edwards (Cheshire, UK)

'Deep Ocean' - Photograph ('USA, Big Island, Hawaii'): Jon Cornforth (USA, Seattle, WA)

'Journey to Tibet' - Photograph ('Tibet Monk on Path, Himalayan Mountains'): Epictura

Niagara Falls - Photo ('Niagara Falls Bird'): Jackson Myers (USA, Houston, TX)

'The Ocean' - Encaustic Painting: David Sun

'The Secret Garden' - Photograph ('Monasterio de Piedra, Zaragoza, Spain'): Salva Mira

(Benidorm, Spain)

'Waterfall' - Photograph ('USA, California, Yosemite National Park'): Don Smith

'Bird Song' - Photograph ('Robin, Erithacus Rubecula, Singing'): Paul Sawer

'Tropical Ocean' - Photograph ('Belize, Stann Creek District, Hopkins'): John & Lisa Merrill

'Zen Rock Pool' - Photograph ('Hot Spring'): Brian Cassie

'By a Babbling Brook' - Photograph ('Greer Spring, Mark Twain National Forest,

MO, USA'): Peter Haigh

'Stormy Weather' - Photograph ('Lightning Bolts Striking Hilltops Surrounding City'): Thomas Allen

'Gentle Rain' - Photograph ('Daisy [Bellis Perennis] in Rain'): Martin Ruegner

'The Sea' - Photograph ('Peaceful Summer Beach'): Ben Goode (Adelaide, Australia)

'Purrrrfect Peace' - Photograph ('Sleeping Cat'): Dion (Netherlands)

'Rainforest' - Photograph ('Tree Frog'): Luis Louro (Massamá, Portugal)

'Raindrops' - Photograph ('Raindrops'): Viktor Penner (Osinniki, Russia)

'Dolphins' - Photograph ('Jumping Dolphins'): Stephen Coburn (San Jose, CA, USA)

'Wolves' - Photograph ('Wolf'): Sergey Korotki (Donetsk, Ukraine)

'Ka Ra Da - Music to Meditate to' - Photograph ('Radial Standing Wave'):

Gabriel Kelemen (Romania)

'Didgeridoo - A Meditation - Watercolour Painting: David Sun

'Good Vibes' - Photograph ('Vibrazioni'): Giulia

'Heart of the Rainforest' - Photograph ('Keel-Billed Toucan'): Edward Wade (Houston, TX, USA)

'Bird Song 2' - Photograph ('Blackbird'): Ian Tomlinson (Fife, Scotland)

'Bird Song 3' - Photograph ('Mistle Thrush'): Bill Cooper

'The Dolphin Connection' - Artwork (‘Dolphin Love Silhouette’): Miguel Parisi

'Sanctuary' - Artwork (‘Conure Cay’): Matthew Attard

'The Peace Collection' - Photograph ('Fall on Fire'): Lars van der Goor

Special thanks to Heather Angel at Natural Visions

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