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'Bird Song'

A very gentle and spacious recording of light bird song to create a peaceful and

healing atmosphere. The beautiful crystal clear song of the Robin (often associated with healing qualities) is featured throughout this recording.

'Tropical Birdsong'

A warmly relaxing ambiance of tropical songsters with some beautiful exotic calls.

'Ocean Waves in a Storm'

Immerse yourself in the immense power of the mighty ocean as gigantic waves break and crash all around you on the rocky shore. A highly invigorating and energising experience.


A quiet place of great beauty where one can safely just ‘BE’.

This warmly supportive environment includes a variety of melodious birdsong, and

at times one can hear the  gentle surf of the distant sea. Ideal for quiet moments of meditation, relaxation and reflection.

‘Island in the Sun'

A sun-drenched silver sand bay bathed by graceful palms provides an idyllic backdrop to experience the ocean's gentle ebb and flow, accompanied by the exotic songs of colourful, tropical birds.

An ideal retreat when you feel you need to ‘get away from it all’ and simply ‘let go’.

"It’s my favourite nature sound album for driving - it has a very calming, peaceful influence" - David

'The Ultimate Sea'

The finest recording we have of the sea. Enjoy the clarity of the distant breakers plus the intimacy of the gentle ebb and flow on the shoreline. Superb stereo left to right as each wave caresses the shore.








'Bird Song 2'

The peace of the countryside is beautifully captured and reflected in this recording.

A variety of British songsters create a gentle, spacious and soothing ambiance.

'Bird Song 3'

Following the success of David's ever popular ‘Bird Song’ and ‘Bird Song 2’, this album provides a peaceful variety of songsters to complete the trilogy.





A truly dynamic recording - partly recorded in the forest, with some highly explosive lightning strikes. An opportunity to experience nature's voice in a very powerful way.


‘Singing in the Rain'     

Late evening - the rhythmic patter of rain on the porch window was so refreshing and peaceful - and then the Robin began to sing - its beautiful, varied song, accompanied by the rain, continued well into the night - that was the inspiration for this recording.


‘Bird Song (with Angel Chimes)' - A Sound Sculpture     

This beautifully warm and relaxing album of Bird Song is enhanced by an environmental back-cloth of ‘Angel Chimes’. ‘A Sanctuary of Peace and Healing’.


‘The Sea of Tranquility'     

The most gentle sea in David's collection. Crystal clear and light in character. Probably the most relaxing sea for creating therapeutic & healing environments.


‘Sea of Dreams'     

A special collection of dreamy seas recorded from four different perspectives and then subtly blended to give an unending slow shift from one perspective to another. Very peaceful and, yes - very dreamy!


'Shakespeare's Garden'

An olde worlde cottage garden, charming and serene. Sparrows, Blackbird, Robin, Turtle Dove, Skylark, Nightingale and a distant Cuckoo, with the occasional rain shower, provides a simple homely atmosphere, for most of us reminiscent of days gone by.

Shakespeare cited the Turtle Dove 60 times in his writing, plus Crow (38) Owl (36) Raven (31) Nightingale (30) Skylark (29) Cuckoo (22) Sparrow (12) - all of which are featured in this recording.


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Best Seller - Seal of Quality Image

'The Meadow'     

From Spring into Summer. Wild flowers amidst the tall grasses with birds, bees, butterflies and the Skylark singing high in the deep blue sky above.


'Song of the Nightingale'

1. The beautiful and varied song of a Nightingale recorded in a woodland setting.

2. A gentle shower of rain accompanies the Nightingale’s song.

3. Raindrops on the foliage as the Nightingale continues to sing.

4. A duet with a Tawny Owl at dusk gives a very peaceful conclusion.



Journey back in time by some 4,600 years - location; what is now known as Salisbury Plain, England. The area is heavily wooded and in a clearing stands a massive ‘monument’ - known today as Stonehenge. A magically mysterious atmosphere invites you to experience nature in the raw. Wild Boar, Wolves, Dogs and Foxes, Ravens, Falcons and Owls, with an authentically re-created Rainstorm, Wind Storm and Thunder Storm give an unforgettable experience of a time long past.


'The Dynamic Sea'

The immense power of the sea is uniquely captured in this recording to give a dynamically exhilarating experience.


'Nature Love' - Volume 2

More extracts from David's ever popular series of nature sounds albums.


'Nature Love' - Volume 1

A varied selection from some of David's most relaxing nature sounds albums.

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Also available:

Nature Sounds

for the Very Young

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These recordings have been specially selected from existing natural sound albums as being

most appropriate 'for the very young’. They are all of a gentle, calming nature especially when played softly - encouraging

our young to embrace the natural world.

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'The Sounds of Nature for a Quiet Mind' - A new series of peaceful recordings from the natural

world to support you in creating a harmonious environment. David Sun’s deep love of Nature

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at recording the sea, he has been committed to creating a reminder through his musical

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