Relaxing Music: 'Tranquility' - Album Cover Image
Relaxing Music: 'Joyful Spirit' - Album Cover Image

"I have just discovered 'Music for a Quiet Mind' by David Sun which is so beautiful and relaxing. His whole music catalogue is really worth listening to. His skill as a composer is equalled by the quality of his skill on the piano. I would urge anyone who enjoys good relaxing music to try this or any one of his beautiful albums."

- Robin Pope (via YouTube)

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Relaxing Music: 'Music for a Quiet Mind' - Album Cover Image

When an artist goes outside clearly defined boundaries, the imaginative muse at work can really have its day.  Coupled with spontaneous magic flowing from a clearly inspired creative cycle, David Sun’s new CD finds him at a new peak of composing with an infusion of beauty and delicate grace. In a similar vein to his previous recording “Joyful Spirit,” this new release finds an identifiable flow and continuity from the previous recording right into this one. Classical overtones appear intermittently throughout the exquisite tracks, heightened by the inclusion of an impromptu improvisation on the familiar strains of Bach’s “Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring”.

While there is orchestration on a couple of key tracks, with the Abbey Strings and Abbey Voices, it is predominantly a solo grand piano album, and David really delivers from start to finish, with a confident air and an innate wisdom of sourcing the music from deep within. 'Music for a Quiet Mind' offers beautiful music that touches the soul or spirit.

Throughout, you will be pleased to find a splendid sense of melody, timing and emotive composing that will open the same feeling spaces in the listener. His deepest love is being near to nature, and exploring communication with the natural world. His music conveys that connection, and he succeeds in creating music that has healing or therapeutic qualities, and lends itself to the ongoing process of awakening.

David Sun continues to mature as an artist; ever expanding his vision and reach when he steps into the recording studio. It’s a gift to be able to deliver such heavenly music, and strive to grow as an artist while offering music that is as tender as it is alive. His marvelous piano-centered compositions create the intimate feeling of a living room recital of the very highest order.

Lloyd Barde - Music Review - California

(August 2008)

'Music for a Quiet Mind'

“David Sun’s new CD finds him at a new peak of composing

with an infusion of beauty and delicate grace.”

- Lloyd Barde

With a sprinkling of shorter pieces amongst the two longer showcase tracks, we find David with a newfound dynamism that reaches all aspects of the inspired solo piano mode he is exploring, both with a vibrant passion that is rather energetic, and a deep tranquility that goes beyond his prior musical offerings. As a result, certain pieces are clearly playful and dramatic whilst others find their beauty in reverence, yearning or a dreamy quality that recurs throughout.

With a full catalog of titles that delve into themes around Reiki, Yoga, Feng Shui, echoes of Tibet and spiritual chants, it is apparent that the UK musician David Sun is well versed in providing music that supports the healing arts. Whether he is incorporating the sounds of wolves, birds, oceans, or simply his varied palette of soothing and restful keyboards, you can count on a nurturing sound environment, inspired by the natural world n which to immerse yourself.

His newest CD is a case of 'it’s in the name,' as 'Joyful Spirit' is imbued with exactly that.

Sun’s wide experience as a published author and acclaimed painter (watercolors and landscapes) seems to translate through the music with vivid imagery, a child-like simplicity, wide-eyed magic, and a sense of storytelling albeit wordless.

Filled to the brim and overflowing with new beginnings, assurance and fulfillment, this new CD promises to be one of David’s most popular and well-received recordings, prompting wondrous response and bountiful sharing of the musical delights contained within.

Lloyd Barde - Music Review - California

(March 2008)

'Joyful Spirit'

“Filled to the brim and overflowing with new

beginnings, assurance and fulfillment.”

- Lloyd Barde

Customer Comments & Reviews:

“It has been very encouraging for me to receive messages from so many different parts of the world. Your kind comments and your time taken to write are very much appreciated. Thank you for listening!” - David Sun

'Music for a Quiet Mind':

“Having listened to David Sun’s ‘Music for a Quiet Mind’ a number of times, I must say that I find it surprisingly relaxing considering his passionate playing. He has certainly broken away from the usual relaxation music.”

- Charles P.D (via iTunes UK), 8 December 2008

“This is the territory where David Sun really shines. David is one of the great originators of this type of  slow keyboard-based music for meditation, healing and drifting into a state of peace and rest. His ventures into natural sound recordings was never my thing, but Music for a Quiet Mind is up there with his incredible work in the 80’s. Why his early releases, 'Peace' and 'Serenity' have not been released in digital format like 'Tranquility' is beyond me. Now, more than ever his awesome genius is needed in every home to bring us all some relief from this manic world we live in. David Sun’s music should be covered by health insurance as part of a preventative medicine plan.”

- Medcheck (via iTunes US), 13 October 2010


“This is a New Age classic. Relaxing, peaceful & quiet. It consists of two fairly lengthy pieces, keyboard based and with various repeating themes. What it does do is set a gentle rhythm which compels you to relax and is a joy to listen to time and again. For a quiet evening in, this is the one.”

- Anonymous (via Amazon UK), 4 November 2002

“I find this such a relaxing piece of music. I have used it many times to set the mood for a healing session. It can be quite hypnotic so make sure you have a cup of tea or glass of water after listening. Very peaceful music.”

- Isobel McDonald (via Amazon UK), 21 December 2008

“This is a beautiful piece of ambient music, perfect for those relaxing times after a hard days work or just relaxing with friends or on your own. The music acts as a gentle stream that floats just on the periphery of your consciousness to balance the mood in any room.”

- J. M. Austin (Surrey, England), 2 May 2009

“This CD features very peaceful and calming music. It is good to have as a background when doing other things but also good if you want to meditate.”

- H. Worledge (Dorset, England) 8 October 2009

“I bought this several years ago. It is so relaxing that the lady in the New Age shop where I bought it said that they never played it as the staff might fall asleep! We had a highly strung siamese cat at the time and it even calmed her down. I have bought other relaxing music since but this one is by far the best.”

- Pauline (Staffs, UK), 7 March 2010

“My daughter has been going to sleep with this on for 5 years! Only reason we bought a new one was because the other one had worn out after 5 years' worth of continual play!”

- H. L. Williamson-wall (UK), 8 January 2011

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