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If you’re looking to download meditation music for free, David Sun Music has the perfect recordings for you. For over two decades, David Sun's music has been internationally acclaimed as some of the most soothing and restful ever composed. David Sun’s collection includes deeply contemplative and meditative music albums, from the best selling ‘Music for a Quiet Mind’ to classic and acclaimed releases such as ‘Tranquility’, ‘The Secret Garden’ and ‘Joyful Spirit’. David’s varied and expansive collection also includes a great number of Nature Sounds albums, providing the perfect addition to your meditation music collection. David Sun is currently offering some free, specially selected downloads, which provide a perfect introduction to his meditation music and  natural sounds collections. Read on to discover more and receive the unique opportunity to download some of the best meditation music for free, today.

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A deeply relaxing piece of music can lift you away from the stressful and often hectic times of modern life and transport you into a peaceful and relaxed state of being. Not much else can quite deliver one into a truly relaxed state as effectively and enjoyably as an exquisitely soothing piece of music. Simple, calming and relaxing, David Sun’s music albums provide the perfect way to unwind after a long day and serve as an ideal backdrop to your meditation sessions - supporting you in deep sleep, healing and relaxation. The specially selected free downloads on offer provide a wonderful opportunity to experience some of the most relaxing and meditative music and natural sounds ever recorded. Awaiting you is ‘Sun Rays' (taken from the album 'The Piano')  - a mellow and gentle solo piano piece which calms the mind and lifts the spirit. In addition, an extract from ‘Humpback Whales - An Oceanic Odyssey’ perfectly completes the free set; an incredibly haunting and beautiful recording featuring the mysterious songs of Humpback Whales, supported by musical atmospheres that heighten the listening experience. With such special selections available, we’re sure that you’ll simply love this offer of meditation music for free!

A selection of David's music can also be streamed  for free on Spotify and previewed in the videos below:

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'Humpback Whales

- An Oceanic Odyssey'

taken from the album 'The Piano'

'Sun Rays'


- from the album 'Softly into Stillness'

A gentle, ethereal atmosphere with a supportively soothing flow - deeply relaxing, spacious and enchantingly peaceful.

A sanctuary to be entered into at any time.

'Music for a Quiet Mind'

A predominantly solo grand piano album with orchestration on a couple of key tracks that feature the Abbey Strings and Abbey Voices.

'Softly into Stillness'

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“Beautiful music that touches the soul and lifts the spirit.”

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