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If you’re looking for a great selection of online relaxing music, David Sun Music has the perfect recordings for you.

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For over two decades, David Sun's music has been internationally acclaimed as some of the most soothing, relaxing and restful ever composed. David Sun’s collection includes deeply contemplative and meditative music albums, from the best selling ‘Music for a Quiet Mind’ to

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A deeply relaxing piece of music can lift you away from the stressful and often hectic times of modern life and transport you into a peaceful and relaxed state of being. Not much else can quite deliver one into a truly relaxed state as effectively, naturally and enjoyably as an exquisitely soothing piece of music. Simple, calming and relaxing, David Sun’s music albums provide the perfect way to unwind after a long day. Reduce stress with music to help you sleep, calming music for work and much more. Let your worries melt away, and feel completely refreshed in mind body and spirit.

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Find the perfect Online Relaxing Music:

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taken from the album 'The Piano'

Featured Track: 'Sun Rays'

classic and acclaimed releases such as ‘Tranquility’, ‘The Secret Garden’ and ‘Joyful Spirit’. Whether you prefer refreshingly simple solo piano music, or the soothing, musical blends of strings and chants . . .  whatever you choose, you’re sure to find some of the best online relaxing music ever written, available here.

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'Tranquility' (Digitally Remastered)    

A gentle stream of music that floats upon one's consciousness with barely a ripple. A centred, reflective continuity is maintained throughout as the music hovers with an almost cosmic sense of tranquility. Delicate, soothing and with a dreamlike quality, it is a favourite recording for relaxation and immersing oneself in soft sound at the end of an active day. The original album, digitally remastered for 2014.


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'Music for a Quiet Mind'     

A predominantly solo grand piano album with orchestration on a couple of key tracks that feature the Abbey Strings and Abbey Voices.

“Beautiful music that touches the soul and lifts the spirit.”


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'The Spirit of Stillness'

A deeply inspiring composition with a richly evolving tapestry of orchestral sounds and angelic voices. The music seems to lighten ones being in such a way as to produce a feeling of contentment. This ‘nurturing’ process is like a gateway that ushers in the ‘Spirit of Stillness’. Wonderfully soothing music.


Choose from a great selection of online relaxing music, all available to download on iTunes today! Popular titles & best-sellers include:

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As well as online relaxing music, David Sun also has a great selection of Nature Sounds albums, providing the perfect addition to your relaxation audio collection:

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'Bird Song'

A very gentle and spacious recording of light bird song to create a peaceful and

healing atmosphere. The beautiful crystal clear song of the Robin (often associated with healing qualities) is featured throughout this recording.


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‘The Sea of Tranquility'     

The most gentle sea in David's collection. Crystal clear and light in character. Probably the most relaxing sea for creating therapeutic & healing environments.


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‘Zen Rock Pool'     

Sitting quietly, doing nothing. Be enchanted with the delicate ebb and flow - be delighted in this meditative dance.


. . . Discover some of the world's most relaxing music & nature sounds

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