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'In a Country Garden' - The Floral Orchestra

Enjoy a new listening experience with the beautiful bell-like tones produced by plants, namely: ‘The Floral Orchestra’. Set in an English country garden with a variety of delicate birdsong, the album creates a peaceful and homely atmosphere.

'Angel Chimes' - A Sound Sculpture

“At the heart of a garden is the song of the birds. At the heart of this song is an angelic chime”.

- David Sun



'Atlantis' - A Sound Sculpture

A magically mysterious atmosphere centred around the mythical city of atlantis.

Deeply relaxing, the musical tones and effects are produced entirely by plants.


'The Sound of Healing'     

Sound vibrations BES320 - The rhythmic pulsating tones produced by plants.


'Plant Music'

Soothing and lightly relaxing - allow yourself to be transported into another world.



Featured in the TV programme ‘Discovering Nature’

“I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.”

- Michaelangelo Bunnarotti (1475 - 1564)

'Bird Song (with Angel Chimes)' - A Sound Sculpture

This rich tapestry of warm bird song is set amidst a landscape of Angel Chimes to create a peaceful and healing atmosphere.


Soothing Sounds of Healing

. . . Discover some of the world's most relaxing music & nature sounds

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