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A Personal Introduction from David Sun

My deep love and fascination of the natural world, coupled with a curious interest in sound, vibration, cymatics and healing, led me to obtain a Bio Energy Translator. This instrument is able to monitor minute, natural electrical pulses in a plant and translate these signals into audible tones. As I already had an indoor garden in my home, it was an ideal opportunity to set up the apparatus in such a way as to enable me to monitor the plants’ natural activity and sensitivity for long periods of time. The tones produced were so very soothing and relaxing, that I didn’t play any music myself; I just let the plants play their own music!

I frequently worked late at night and into the early hours of the morning - and this is when a curious thing happened. At around one or two o’clock in the morning, the plants stopped singing and started to emit a vibrating tone (similar to that of a peacefully contented purring cat). This happened every night, so an on-site recording was made – a few copies were duplicated and made available to healers and people seeking healing. The response was extremely encouraging, and I ended up with a file full of letters from people validating the effectiveness of the healing vibrations recording. However, I didn’t feel comfortable with the idea of advertising ‘The Sound of Healing’ and began to doubt the resulting ‘healing miracles’, thinking it could all be down to a placebo effect. I instead moved on to a very busy schedule of recording more of my own music and the ‘healing vibrations’ were soon forgotten.

Now, 26 years later, with a renewed energy and interest (partly due to an increased interest from the medical profession, coupled with current research into vibrational medicine) I have been able to track down the original tape recordings (‘BES320 – The Sound of Healing’ and ‘Plant Music - The Secret Music of Plants’) and have them digitally re-mastered, with the possibility of making them (maybe in a limited way) available.

What is 'Plant Music'? - A Simple Explanation

A Bio Energy Translator is used to monitor the electrical activity within a plant. This activity is a direct indication of the plants’ natural sensitivity to the environment. A special biological amplifier within the translator detects natural, bioelectric signals, which are used to control the production of sound. The sequence of notes produced accurately follows in pitch, rhythm and volume the ever-changing signals from the plant.

The Secret Music of Plants

All living organisms generate small amounts of electricity. In plants, this naturally produced electricity is called ‘Bioelectric Potential’, and is essentially caused by ionic differences across cell membranes. On a cellular level, it can be directly related to respiration, photosynthesis and other chemical reactions that are a part of a plants’ living mechanism.

A plant reacts as a total living system to many stimuli, particularly electrostatic energy fields, with a response several times greater than specific local electrical activity. It is this specific activity that is of great interest.

Experiencing the natural electrical activity places the observer directly in touch with the mechanism of life, which is still not fully understood. Hence, a profound link is made between a seen and unseen world.

The Technique

A Bio Energy Translator is used to measure the electrical activity within a plant by means of two carbon foam electrodes clipped across a leaf (it should be noted that the technique employed in the biological amplifier measures the potential difference across the leaf, and not the resistance of the leaf, which would require a current to be passed through the leaf being measured).

The signal is fed via screened cable to the apparatus, where it is amplified and filtered to remove unwanted interference from other external electrical fields. A low frequency bioelectric signal is left (1-10 Hz) that is used to control the sound. Oscillators, filters and amplifiers are designed to provide an audio analogue of the electrical activity within the plant. The pitch of the notes produced follows the increase and decrease in signal from the plant, and the speed and volume is governed by the rate of change of this signal. The analogue audio is later converted into a digital signal, which is then used to trigger the hybrid organic samples heard on the final recording.


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