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"I have had the original Tranquility CD for some years and Tranquility 2 is more of the same and does not disappoint. David Sun's music is greatly soothing and restful. Ideal late night listening if sleep is a problem"

- A. Taylor (Surrey, England, via, 20 November 2011

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'Tranquility 2':

'Joyful Spirit':

"A Uniquely Beautiful Sound. I just heard david Sun’s “New Beginnings” on and I have to say I was clearly impressed. David makes music that has all sorts of applications in everyday listening. It soothing tones help this college student keep focused while studying, yet it could easily be listened to when relaxation is key and you just want to let the world melt away. 5/5 stars!"

- AirwavesAnonymous (via iTunes US), 29 March 2009:

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"Such an appropriate title, this is indeed an uplifting CD. I play it over and over!"

- S. Petersen (Cincinnati, OH USA, via Amazon), 3 December 2009

"I heard this on an audio TV channel and loved it . . . so ordered it! It is peaceful and delightful."

- Mollie Boynton (via, 24 June 2010

"A must have for inner stillness. This has got to be the most soothing, calming, relaxing, peaceful recording I have ever heard! It flows gently and you find yourself drifting away with it. The absence of abrupt sounds and the long drawn out synthesized chords that are so typical of New Age music is a real bonus as there is nothing to distract you. Every note here is mellow, with a natural resonance. Pure heaven! I just wish I had known about this recording sooner and can't recommend it highly enough!"

- Claire Sykes (via, 12 October 2009

'The Secret Garden':

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“Relaxing & Therapeutic; a great CD for massage. It has sent my clients off to lala land & into a complete state of relaxation.”

- StratMan79 (via, 28 September 2010

"This cd was bought for my father for him to listen to while he had a long stay in hospital, to help him relax and enjoy the sounds of nature - it really worked!"

- Jilly (via, 14 July 2012

'Guiding Spirit - Music for Natural Healing':

"This is a lovely CD of very pleasant music. The keyboards and violins in the background seem to flow along in a very harmonious way, while the sound of birds singing can be heard throughout and in a way that I was never sure if it was on the CD or outside. I like the sound of the running water too, always a peaceful sound, which carries you away with it to wherever you’d like to go. An unhurried and gentle piece of music that soothes the body and mind, it can be listened to repeatedly without tiring of it."

- Susan Daniels (via

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'Wind Chimes':

"David Sun’s ‘Wind Chimes’ album is, by far, the best wind chime album I’ve heard and I have been searching for the perfect wind chime album for a long time. The sound is so natural, clear, clean, pristine...just beautiful. I feel like I’m sitting in my back yard, listening to the wind chimes hanging off my deck, singing during a light breeze. This is a wind chime album done right . . . heavenly!"

- Wind Chime Lady (via iTunes US), April 10 2012

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"I am writing to you to tell you how impressed I am with your 2012 release entitled ‘Wind Chimes’. I sampled a number of albums from many artists but none of them were quite right. Yours is balanced, clear and crisp. I want to thank you for your accomplishment here in achieving a composition that is close to the harmonies of traditional music and keeps the varied, random qualities of a wind chime. Yet, you don't let it get too loose - it is balanced throughout."

- Mike F. (via, July 3 2012

'Shakespeare's Garden':

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"I have three other David Sun Nature Sounds recordings - all of birds without music. Sun usually has excellent audio mixes. There is one surprise I wasn’t anticipating - a sudden heavy shower (no thunder), which increases in volume to the point you hear no birds. It doesn’t last long, but it is intense. I’m not a fan of listening to rain on a recording (we tend to get plenty where I live - I don’t need to listen to a recording of it!). I never get tired of listening to birds; you can have them on in the background with other music or the TV because it’s such a natural sound. I would recommend this if you like just a mix of bird songs with a heavy rain shower at one point."

- Pugnut (via iTunes US), 19 January 2012

'Stormy Weather':

"This was perfect for my classroom. We were studying the weather. I played this during class time throughout the week.

I loved it!"

- Teach2011 (via iTunes US), 21 March 2011

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"Amazing CD! To date this is my favourite relaxation CD which I've ever purchased. I find the gentle music and nature sounds so soothing and uplifting. If I was feeling down the lovely music on this CD never failed to lift my spirits. It's just so calming and pleasant to listen to. I would highly recommend."

- Jasmine (via, 14 March 2015


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