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Relaxing Music: 'Music for a Quiet Mind' - Album Cover Image
Relaxing Music: 'Tibetan Singing Bowls' - Album Cover Image

'Tibetan Singing Bowls'     

The rich, multi harmonic overtones produced by these bowls has been a joy to experience. Soothing and calming - music for the soul - an ideal support in mindfulness - a perfect meditation. Note: A gong signifies the start and end of each meditation.


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'An Island Called Paradise'     

The gentlest of flutes and the soft touch of an acoustic guitar are woven together with the restful sounds of an Island Paradise. The lapping of ocean waves, the beautiful songs of the tropical birds soak into the calm unhurried music, creating a soundscape with a uniquely magical quality.


'Music for a Quiet Mind'     

A predominantly solo grand piano album with orchestration on a couple of key tracks that feature the Abbey Strings and Abbey Voices.

“Beautiful music that touches the soul and lifts the spirit.”


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'Joyful Spirit'     

This inspiring and uplifting solo piano album expresses a new and bold dynamism.

It ranges from a high energy - passionate and exhilarating to a deep tranquility.

“Refreshingly different - is this the new passionate David Sun?"


'Tibet - Temple Chants and Ceremonial Music'     

An authentic recording of the chanting of Buddhist monks along with their traditional music; featuring gongs, bells and horns.


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'In a Monastery Garden'     

Take a leisurely stroll through this beautiful garden - Enjoy the closeness to nature and sit quietly for a while in the Chapel and enjoy the peace of the Monks’ Gregorian Chants.



This delicate, imaginative music links the playful, compelling voices of Dolphins with the soothing sounds of their ocean home. The effect is powerfully comforting, inspiring and restful, drawing upon the Dolphin’s renowned healing powers to balance the listener. Harmony is a recording to enjoy in quiet, peaceful moments, music to lead you from the stress of the outer world into an inner, more spiritual state of mind.


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'Deep Ocean'     

This deeply emotive album features the beautiful and mysterious songs of Humpback Whales, supported by musical atmospheres that heighten the listening experience.


'Journey to Tibet'     

The authentic sounds of Tibet, with a lively and mixed variety of music, natural sounds and chants. Features flute, tabla, bells, drums, horns and gongs; plus the chanting of

Tibetan monks. 'An armchair retreat in miniature'.


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'Guiding Spirit - Music for Natural Healing'

A recording of unsurpassed beauty, it weaves distant birdsong, delicate keyboards and drifting strings into a flowing tapestry of exquisite harmonies to create a sanctuary of peace, healing and joyful tranquility. The perfect music for natural healing of the mind, body and soul.

"Its creation was a very spontaneous happening - beautiful, simple and totally relaxing. It has a magical quality and I can listen to it over and over again - I never tire of it . It has a refreshing sparkle and in essence, is transformative” - David Sun


Relaxing Music: 'Ka Ra Da' - Album Cover Image
Relaxing Music: 'A Nightingale Sang in Notre Dame' - Album Cover Image
Relaxing Music: 'Humpback Whales' - Album Cover Image



'Ka Ra Da (Music to Meditate to)'     

The beautifully reverberant qualities of Notre Dame Cathedral provides an ideal setting for this uniquely sensitive solo performance on harmonically tuned hang drum. A beautiful meditation.


'Humpback Whales - An Oceanic Odyssey'     

A mysterious tapestry of emotive music is woven into the deeply resonant tones of the songs of Humpback Whales. A magical journey portraying the majesty and splendour of these ancient giants of the deep.

'A Nightingale Sang in Notre Dame'     

The beautiful, clear, flute-like tones of a Nightingale resonate through the ancient, reverberant structure of Notre Dame Cathedral. The Cathedral atmosphere has been sensitively captured with the distant tones of organ, plus the singing of Gregorian Chants.

Eckhart Tolle's 'Music to Quiet the Mind'

"Music creates a bridge for people to move out of thinking and into presence", teaches bestselling author Eckhart Tolle. On Eckhart Tolle's 'Music to Quiet the Mind', this renowned spiritual teacher offers a hand-selected collection of his favourite pieces to transport listeners to the space and beauty of 'The Now'.

*Features David Sun’s ‘Joyful Spirit’

'The Secret Garden' (Digitally Remastered)     

Enter an enchanted world of gentle sounds as this soft, tranquil music weaves a path towards your innermost being. The lightest touch of guitar strings hover and balance on the murmur of a garden stream.  Birdsong beckon you closer as the gentle caress of the music awakens inner senses.  Immersed in the natural sounds and music, you are purified, energised and delighted. The original album, digitally remastered for 2014.


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'Tranquility 2 - Reflections of Tranquility'

David Sun returns with the long awaited follow-up CD to 'Tranquility', one of the best selling New World Music titles of all time. Once again this skillful composer plies his inimitable craft in producing a perfect recording of beautifully soothing and restful music. No matter what everyday life has in store, you can be sure that these delicate melodies will spirit you away to a place of pure tranquility and peaceful reflection.

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