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For over two decades, David Sun's music has been internationally acclaimed as some of the most soothing and restful ever composed. Considered by many as one of the godfathers of New Age, his work encompasses a wide spectrum, ranging from the deeply contemplative and meditative through to the highly energetic and vibrantly passionate.

David's love for creating, combined with his heartfelt belief in the transformative and healing power of music and sound, has led him to record and release a vast catalogue of relaxing music, nature and healing albums - all available for listeners to download, experience and enjoy today.

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'Elementum' - from guest artist, Evelin Sun


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David Sun Music presents ’Elementum’ - an inspiring

new music track written & performed by Evelin Sun.

The perfect soundtrack for deep relaxation, sleep, meditation and stress relief. Enjoy stunning natural scenery and be soothed by the meditative, evolving

chords, pure solo vocals, elegant harmonies and delicately-woven ambient soundscapes.

Thank you for visiting & happy listening! - David.